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Alamosa criminal attorney for domestic violence: The Law Office of Tray Stephany. 

The law office has aggressively defended domestic violence charges throughout Colorado.  Certain domestic violence charges carry a mandatory six month jail sentence.  Mandatory jail means if convicted the defendant has to serve the time.  In any Colorado or Alamosa domestic violence case the defendant faces jail, years of probation, fines, classes, supervision fees, and the stigma of a conviction.  A Colorado domestic violence charge will show up on a background check in most cases.  In addition to all of the criminal penalties a conviction of domestic violence in Alamosa or anywhere in the State of Colorado a conviction will cause an individual to lose their right to own or possess firearms or ammunition.  

There are felony domestic violence charges and misdemeanor domestic violence charges in Colorado.  A common M1 misdemeanor domestic violence charge is CRS 18-3-204.  This statute is third degree assault. 

The Law Office of Tray Stephany takes defending the rights of the accused very seriously.  As an Alamosa domestic violence attorney this office has the insight and available resources to defend you or loved one. 

Alamosa domestic violence cases are aggressively prosecuted by the District Attorney's Office. 

Domestic violence does not necessarily mean an alleged victim was injured.  In some cases taking away a phone or calling someone names could land someone in jail facing an Arapahoe domestic violence charge. 

Normally the man is taken away in Colorado domestic violence cases.  However, everyone knows that women hit men too.  And often the man takes the brunt even thought the woman changes her story.  This Office diligently works to present the true story as the true story is often different than the original one given when police are on scene and the emotions high. 

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